Webecho Designs wins accessibility award

Accessibility has been a much overlooked area within the website design world, the use of 'Older Technologies' - Frames, Tables for layout and Inaccessble Javascript have restricted access to thousands of websites for 'disabled' users. In this context, disabled may mean the obvious, poorly sighted or blind and those with motor skills problems. But, it can equally apply to those who only have access to old computers, small monitors and slow Dial-up internet connections. Providing methods to allow EVERY internet user access to your website and its information is essential, especially for businesses. Using the latest accessible, website design methods and 'going the extra mile' for these users benefits everyone, visitors and businesses alike. For more information visit Accessible webdesign and Accessites.org to find out how easily your website can be available to everyone. Webecho Designs - accessible website design, Australia

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