G-Flex Nitrile Technical Glove

The Idasafety G-Flex Foam Nitrile Technical Safety Glove combines a lightweight foam coating on a seamless nylon liner. Nitrile Nitrile (Nitrile butadiene rubber,NBR), a synthetic rubber is used to make a variety of gloves from heavy duty work gloves to ultra thin medical gloves. A nitrile coating provides protection from physical hazards such as cut, puncture or abrasion. Nitrile dipped gloves also provide chemical resistance to petrochemicals, oils, greases, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals while providing excellent flexibility and dexterity. Foamed Nitrile Porous nitrile coating absorbs oils better than flat coating. Provides excellent grip in oily or greasy applications while maintaining the cut, slash and abrasion resistance of a flat nitrile coating. The foamed nitrile coating absorbs oil and grease to ensure a firm grip. Features of the Idasafety G-Flex Technical Glove: "Finger Dip" technology gives total ventilation to the back of the hand Very comfortable with excellent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility Designed to produce minimal lint and dust Excellent levels of abrasion resistance Excellent grip on most surfaces including those with light oil Machine washable at 40 degrees C in neutral detergent Provides cut, tear and puncture resistance Four sizes with colour coding identification on the cuff of each glove ​ Applications for the Idasafety G-Flex Technical Glove: Applications which require a high level of dexterity and sensitivity, Where grip is important in oily and greasy conditions. Ideal for handling small parts and components, general assembly, machine. Ideal for the automotive, white goods assembly and general handling operations. Certified by SAI Global to AS/NZS 2161.3.1999 (EN388)