Allegro Confined Space Ventilation Kit

The Allegro Tank / Manhole Ventilation Kit from Idasafety is a complete kit that contains all the equipment to safely ventilate a confined work space that is accessed through a manhole or similar entry (Eg: Tanks, Underground Tunnels and workspaces, etc). The design of the Pass Thru device ensures that the workers can enter and exit the confined workspace without having to remove the ventilation ducts each time. The Allegro Manhole Ventilation Kit is made up of: - Allegro 8" Economy Light Weight Blower (Centrifugal). - Allegro 8" Ducting (15 feet) to fit from the blower to the MVP (see below). - Allegro Manhole Ventilation Passthru (MVP) to allow workers to enter and exit the confined space without the need to remove the ventilation equipment. - Allegro 8" Ducting Canister to hold the ducting when not in use.