Certificate III in Fitness

Become a Fitness Instructor (Certificate III Fitness) Want to work in a Fitness Centre or become a Group Fitness Instructor? Certificate III in Fitness is an essential qualification to becoming a Gym Instructor and is a pre-requisite for other study such as Certificate IV and Specialised Courses of Fitness Study. Do you love Health and Fitness and want to work in an industry with lots of opportunity? Well start off with a Certificate III in Fitness with FIT College and see where it takes you!! Fitness Instructors are trained in fitness activity specific competencies to instruct individuals and group clients in specified work environments, under predictable circumstances. They can work under the guidance of a higher qualified professional. A FIT College Fitness Instructor is be able to: - Conduct an initial client induction including basic screening, fitness appraisal, program development and exercise instruction; - Design individualised training programs within the context of a long term plan;critique technique and apply a variety of appropriate instructional strategies in a range of exercise modalities; and - Regularly appraise clients fitness and modify their program accordingly. - Plan, lead and instruct basic exercise programs and activities for aerobic conditioning, flexibility and strength, and perform fitness assessments for individuals. With Colleges in Maroochydore, Toowoomba, hervey Bay and Cairns - FIT College is your first place to look for quality training and education to become a Personal Trainer. - Online courses available as well!