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Yamaha Pianos - Something for EveryoneThe word Yamaha is synonymous with many things - motorcycles, instruments, outboards, generators- but it is the Yamaha Piano that is mostly associated with purity, rich tonality and with the ability to express musical emotions unlike any other brand of pianos. The quality, performance and dependability of the Yamaha pianos reflect the values of the Yamaha Company. Yamaha's corporate mission is Kandō. When translated this "describes the sensation of profound excitement and gratification derived from experiencing supreme quality and performance". When you own a Yamaha piano you have your own Kandō.Yamaha pianos have a long and extensive history. Yamaha began crafting quality pianos in 1900. Every piano Yamaha has produced since then has reflected their commitment to musical excellence, and it is this commitment that has seen Yamaha continually recognized and celebrated by students, teachers and industry experts.Yamaha pianos are the piano of choice for many piano players and through many levels of their careers as Yamaha offers the widest choice of pianos so that the needs of individuals are met. Their range of pianos vary from the compact, to the budget friendly and from the up right to the magnificent grand pianos. From beginner piano players to the elite concert pianist Yamaha is a likely choice as individuals recognize the superior clarity, responsiveness and expressive control associated with every Yamaha Piano. Pianists looking to convey their artistic vision will turn to Yamaha.Here are seven reasons why you should choose a Yamaha piano:Tone - Yamaha pianos combine superior materials, design and workmanship to ensure the most important attribute of a piano is brilliant, rich and pure. Touch - The design and precision engineering that goes into every piano built by Yamaha ensures that keys are responsive to your touch and they travel smoothly and quickly allowing you a full range of expression.Tuning Stability - Quality materials and superior craftsmanship combine to exceptional tuning stability.Beauty - Yamaha manufactures a beautiful range of grand or upright pianos therefore ensure there is one that will suit you, your family and your home. Yamaha understand that space, taste and budget all play in the selection of a piano. Pick one that suits you, is smooth, invites touch and is durable.Value - A piano is a lifetime investment and you will find that Yamaha have a superior reputation for quality and durability, therefore ensuring that your investment will continue bringing you and your family joy way into the future.Image - Ask piano experts about the image of Yamaha and get feedback from actual users. You will find that more often than not Yamaha's image exceeds your expectations.Life - Make sure you choose a piano that will compliment your lifestyle and remember that a piano is a big investment, not only in monetary terms but also in its ability to bring to your life musical prestige and enrichment. Choose a Yamaha for its longevity and unrivaled commitment to musical service.Still need convincing? If you're looking for a piano that has a name that is associated with solid assurance of musical performance and can be depended upon then you need to look at the range of Yamaha pianos on offer. Chris Marshall Piano House offers a fantastic range of new and used Yamaha pianos and you will be sure to find the right Yamaha for you and your family at the right price. Take a look at the latest pianos on sale at website or contact Chris Marshall to enquire about a specific Yamaha piano. Chris Marshall can be contacted via his website or on Ph: 0412 446 499.Remember "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without". Confucius 

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