Procument and Merchandising Consultancy

Kinetier PMC is not importer (buy/sell), not agents (commission from suppliers).Kinetier PMC is your manager of sourcing and development, working solely for your interests.Your Competitive AdvatageTo enhance the advantage, that you need to keep costs down, and sourcing/outsourcing an Asian partner is essential for you, if you want to stay ahead of your competition.With our office connection network in Dongguan (Guangdong, China), Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan, having Kinetier PMC as your invaluable partner means having someone who understands you products working for your directly in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the guarantee that all your specifications and demands are relayed clearly and precisely and do not get lost in translation/interpretation (speak your product languages) - you can see why so many companies rely on Kinetier PMC.

Kinetier PMC Ltd
Category: Sporting Goods

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