Blocked Drains

At Plumbdog we usually clear drains using a drain machine, also known as an 'electric eel'. Its main advantage is that it can cut through tree roots and other hard obstructions, clearing your drain and waste pipes so we can flush them through. Once tree roots have found a way into your drain and sewer pipes, they will continue to grow back as they rely on the water as a food source. Cutting tree roots is like having a haircut - they will always grow back. If tree roots are present, Plumbdog recommend having your drains cleaned every six months so you can avoid embarrassment when the toilet is flushed at your next house party! Should we find problematic sections within your drains, we may recommend our drain jetter and camera crew who will be able to locate the problem using video. We may then recommend drain replacement or trenchless relining. When scheduling a plumber to clear blocked drains and waste pipes, we usually allow 30 - 60 minutes labour, however this is dependent on individual circumstances.

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