Advertising & Packaging

 At My Illustration we cater towards any advertising illustration solutions for any business type or purpose, including: magazine advertisements, street posters, postcards, business cards and more! We can create any type of advertisement for use indoors or outdoors as well as in periodicals such as newspapers and magazines. Our illustrations can be made for any size advertisement, in any shape or style, in traditional, digital or mixed media to suit your company or product!We provide a variety of illustrative options for your package design, for that individual look, for selling any product or endorsing any brand name. We are skilled in producing boxes, packets, drinking cups, containers, drink holders, bottle designs, labels, bags and more!  Each of our creations is rendered by hand or digitally to produce a look to attract your target demographic and remain memorable for years to come, with various illustration styles and techniques and a variety of package shapes and sizes to suit your product.