Storyboards & Comics

 At My Illustration we create spectacular storyboards, filled with action, emotion and dramatic poses to portray your story to your target audience. Our storyboards are suited for many purposes including film, television, advertising campaigns, books,  story layouts, interactive media and even animated productions. For whatever purpose, make your next storyboard a dynamic, and unique creation to capture your audiences immediate attention, with our techniques, styles and storyboard services! Our illustrators have had many years of practice in designing brand new and original characters whether it be for a film, television series, comic book, game, animated series or storybook. We provide our character designs in various situations, poses and emotions to effectively represent what your character is about, can do and what they look like in action.Our storyboard and character design skills also carry over into the field of comics and graphic novels. These usually follow a similar format to storyboards, with numerous panels, character poses, emotions and angles that must be manipulated in order to correctly portray your story to your target audience and age demographic.