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Shutters are the crowning Jewel when it comes to Window Furnishings. Today Shutters are more affordable than ever. They are simple to use, Hygienic, Durable and Easy to clean. Shutters are one of the best insulating products when it comes to keeping heat out in Summer and retaining warmth during Winter. Shutters add value to your home. Whilst timber has been the most accepted substrate in the past, after many years of being involved in the manufacturing and marketing of shutters, at ShutterRight™ we believe there is a far superior alternative being: EnvirRight™20/20 and EnvirRight™20/10. EnviroRight™ 20/20 which is manufactured utilising Carbon/Glass Fibre reinforced polymer (with an aluminium insert) has enabled us to provide our customers with a 20 year Warranty on both Structure and Paint and EnviroRight™ 20/10 which is a Thermo Polymer reinforced resin (with an aluminium insert) enables us to provide customers with a 20 year Warranty on Structure and 10 year Warranty on Paint. Timber has inherent problems relating to cracking and warping regardless of the type of timber utilised. Most importantly when placed side by side, the eye cannot differentiate which is Timber and which is EnviroRight™. If you desire Timber we recommend NatuRight™ because the Timber we use encounters the least problems relative to the general timber products available on the market. The ShutterRight™ product range encompasses these Shutters: For clients who require a perfect custom colour match, ShutterRight Shutters present:

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