Wellsee Solar Controller

Today we've introduced a new range of solar controllers under the Wellsee brand.  The Wellsee brand represent good value for money crossed with good features and an overall quality product.  We've introduced solar controllers and solar controllers with maximum power point tracking so you can get the exact solar controller that meets your needs.The range of solar controllers without MPPT have an excellent suite of protection functions to prevent damage to your solar power system in the case of a reverse connection or lightning strike as well as providing state information about your solar system and batteries provided by an easy to use LCD screen and easy menu system.The Wellsee range of MPPT solar controllers make solar simple and very cost effective offering a maximum power point efficiency increase usually in the range of 10 to 30 percent and in some cases higher.  With the automatic management of your solar system the Wellsee MPPT units not only give increased performance and protection but take over the management of your solar panels to reduce user maintenance.We believe the Wellsee solar controller range offer tremendous value and we look forward to creating the best solar systems with our affordable energy for everyone commitment and these excellent solar controllers.