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I've made soap for a good couple of years now. It's something that l'll never give up, because once you've tried handmade soap, you can never, ever go back to the supermarket variety. I was drawn into a world of wonderful ingredients, soap designs, different techniques and recipes, and l couldn't stop now if l tried. Quite simply, l really love soap. I love dreaming up different ideas, love buying little bits and bobs to put in my soaps, and especially love knowing exactly what l'm putting into each bar and that it isn't full of chemicals or preservatives.l had lots of friends and family asking to buy my soap, and because of the size of the recipes and the frequency l was soaping, it just seemed to make sense to start a soap website. I've always been the kind of person who likes to make things, and l love the idea of sharing my soapmaking passion with other people.First up, while making soap, we decided to start on the website. l had a very clear idea of what l wanted it to look like in my head, above is the first 'storyboard' l created for my little business. It didn't change much from the original idea. I also had a couple of names floating round in my head, but l kept coming back to Simply Soap. To me it embodies everything l love about handmade soap, and it's also a good reminder for me - to try and keep things simple.

Simply Soap
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