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Authegrity Pty Ltd contracts the services of its Principal Ure P Auckland as a Company Secretary to organisations where the role doesn't make sense as a stand alone employee role, or where the board is looking for some independence of focus. Ure P Auckland has 30 years business experience, including 15 years in board rooms as a Company Secretary, a Director, and a CFO or COO. Ure has listed two companies on ASX (the Australian Stock Exchange) in Initial Public Offerings and is deeply experienced in the needs of a sophisticated Board of Directors operating at a level where they are subject to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations The board's Ure has worked as part of were very strategically active undertaking multiple acquisitions, joint ventures, capital raisings and IPOs, and sophisticated international commercialisation programs, through this experience he has developed deep insight into appropriate governance processes around these value generation activities. For a no-obligation discussion with Ure to discuss the needs of your organisation and to understand how he might be able to support your board you can call him on +61-413-051-604

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