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More than 14 years end to end Telecom Systems experience. All work are conducted by licensed ACMA technicians and electricians. Private workers do look after customers' need and provide extensive and accurate information about the faults. 1. MDF jumpering only-NBN or ADSL a) In order to get MDF jumpering job done we need vertical A pair number to be ready. This vertical A pair number is prepared by your ISP company or you can find it out from the tag which is attached on the MDF. b) Please make sure your modem is configured to be ready for test after jumpering services MDF jumpering job cost will start $60. Please call us for discussion. 2. Phone line can be repaired if there are existing cables available from boundary to your wall sockets. We prefer to fix the faults using existing cables to save the costs for customers. The related faults will be one of the following. - ADSL drop outs -Low Internet speed which needs inprovement - ADSL⁄2+⁄NBN Modem Configuration - Internal phone line noise faults with crackling tones -Wall sockets needs replacement - Any cabling faults on MDF The cost for this type of phone line E2E troubleshooting jobs will start from $120. Please call us to discuss. Additional services -Commander Phone Systems configuration -NBN connection troubleshooting or services relocating (eg. extend NBN from kitchen to upstairs) - Office cabling and network setup

Internet troubleshooting ADSL NBN
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