ER-02 Directional Gyro

ER-02 Directional Gyro from Ericco International Limited

By: Ericco International Limited  30-May-2014
Keywords: Drilling Survey Tool, Directional Gyro, Orientation Gyro,

ER-02 model undersized Gyro-inclinometer is the third generation gyro system newly developed, it’s a multipoint directional gyro system. The characteristic of the third generation gyro system is that the outside diameter of external tube of pressure resistance is only 38mm, if with heat shield, the outside diameter is 45mm, which make the gyro system’s measurement range become larger and the temperature accommodation become wider. Meanwhile it can take a resurvey of the course of the hole as well as a directional parameter survey of the cutting window of casing and sidetrack under a circumstance of magnetic interference. Application (1). Whipstock orientation, old wells sidetracking. (2). Oriented perforating for production engineering. (3). Cluster wells oriented, for directional survey under the environment of magnetic interference which may produced by the adjacent wells. (4). Trajectory retest, borehole trajectory measurement inside of the casing. Main Features (1). Using the advanced flexible rate gyroscope and flexible quartz accelerometer as the survey probe resulted in speedy survey and accurate data. (2). Mathematical search for north and real time survey without any surface reference. The model is integrated; the minor angle measurement data is also trusted worthy, real-time measurement and record. (3). Automatic drift correction. (4). Better measurement adaptability, large temperature measurement range, strong compact resistance, it can measure either large wellhead or small wellhead. (5). Start up promptly, semi continuously measuring, measuring rate rapidly. (6). Providing magnetic measurement, keeping away from the connecting parts when cutting window of casing. (7). Survey the depth through guiding cable winch depth.. (8). Providing two types of 1 3/4’’ and 1 3/8” for directional key seat survey (9). Simple operation, convenient use and high reliability. Main Technical Characteristics (1). Parameters surveyed: Inclination angle, azimuth angle, northward tool face, gravitational tool face and bottom hole temperature (BHT). (2). Accuracy of survey: Inclination angle of well: 0°~50° ≤±0.15° 50°~70° ≤±0.2° Azimuth: 0~360° 1σ ≤ ±1.5° Gravitational tool face angle: 0~360° ≤ ±1.5° Northward tool face angle: 0~360° ≤ ±3° (3). Ambient conditions adaptability: Temperature tolerance: without heat shield 100℃ with heat shield: 175℃ Pressure resistance: 140MPa Impact resistance: 700g, 0.5ms, 1/2Sine (4). Physical dimension External diameter of the detection tube: without heat shield 38mm with heat shield 45mm Length of the detection tube: 1300mm Length of the centralizer: 400mm Length of heavy bars: 900mm, 1500mm (optional) Standard R or E model guide shoe (5). Survey software: V2.0.0.0 Windows System (6). Survey type and time: Trajectory survey: Pro-continuous, one point per minute Direction survey: single point or multipoint (7). Surface control system: Wire/ gyro compatible control system.

Keywords: Directional Gyro, Drilling Survey Tool, Orientation Gyro,

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