Happy customers, happy me!

By: Gail Allen Kinesiology  02-Dec-2015
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Stress Management, Natural Therapy

My client came through the door heavily depending on her walking stick. She was suffering from disabling hip and knee pain. At the end of the session she reached for her walking stick and folded it up, saying I don't need this now, and walked confidently out the door. My clients dog suffered post traumatic stress and healing challenges following a vicious attack by another dog. He was jumpy and reluctant to interact with his owner. We worked weekly for about a month with goals around healing well, healing the trauma, allowing people to touch him, staying calm in the right circumstances instead of reacting and snarling. He healed remarkable well and my favourite report was from his owner 'He is coming over to me for pats, something he hasn't done for several years since a previous trauma' Recent client review on Facebook: Thank you Gail Allen for an excellent kinesiology session. I fell calm and centred. My worry about the future has dissolved and I feel ready to take things on in a more effective way, instead of running in circles. https://www.facebook.com/GailAllenKinesiology/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Keywords: Acupressure, Alternative Medicine, Change, Flower Remedies, Kinesiology, Natural Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress, Stress Management