Family Mediation

By: Perth Mediation & Counselling Centre  21-Nov-2013
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We are qualified and accredited Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) practitioners, assisting families affected by separation or divorce to resolve familial conflict out of Court. This is achieved through a mediation type process, we refer to as Family Mediation. The process entails the FDR practitioner inviting the parties involved in the family dispute to a meeting, where the FDR practitioner facilitates a discussion between the parties, to reach some common ground and to come up with ways in which the parties can resolve the conflict between them. FDR or Family Mediation can help people to agree on a range of issues relating to children and/or property issues. Our mediators possess specific skill-sets in order to provide high quality and successful mediation. These skills include: - Maintaining an objective, neutral and impartial outlook; - The ability to inspire confidence and build relationships of trust with clients; - Being a skilled and empathic listener; - Asking questions that encourage and allow people to talk openly about the issues; - Encouraging people to come up with their own options and solutions. FDR is now a compulsory first step in the Family Law Courts in relation to children’s matters, such as an application for Parenting Orders. FDR is also often a preferred first step for many people, because it is practical, confidential* and can result in better outcomes (not to mention saving time, money and stress). Where a dispute between family members is resolved though FDR or Family Mediation, the FDR practitioner is able to prepare an Agreement or Parenting Plan that the parties can sign and which may be able to be registered with the Family Court to make it a binding agreement, such as a Parenting Order. FDR may also be required where changes to an existing Parenting Agreement or Consent Order are being sought by either party. Where a matter cannot be resolved through FDR and the parties have made a genuine attempt to do so, or where the FDR practitioner determines that mediation is not the best course of action for the parties right now, we are able to issue a Certificate for the parties to proceed with an application directly to the Family Court. Certificates can only be issued by qualified and accredited FDR practitioners. It is important to note that what has been said in FDR cannot be used as evidence in Court.* Please do not hesitate to contact us today to find out whether FDR / Family Mediation is suitable for your situation. * Exceptions to confidentiality apply, such as where there is risk of harm to a child or a serious criminal offence is committed.

Keywords: Accredited Mediator, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Family Mediation

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