Intrinsically Safe Level Controls

Intrinsically Safe Level Controls from Zedflo

By: Zedflo  16-Jan-2013
Keywords: Level Controls, Multipoint Level Control, Tank Car Level System

The API Industry TLA-500™ Tank Level Alarm system provides reliable safety during loading and storage of liquids. Storage or shipping tanks can be exploited to full capacity, but without spillage. The level alarm is IECEx Certified and is designed to meet all IMO and US Coast Guard requirements for tankers. The TLA™ is designed specifically for operations in liquids and liquefied gases and special versions are available for extremely harsh and difficult environments, including versions for arctic / antarctic ambient temperatures and LNG gas carriers. The TLA™ is available to customer specifications and is thus suitable both as stand-alone on the replacement market or as part of a complete API TSS/Cargo control system. Upper level and emergency level Control levels are set at the upper level (95%) and at emergency level (98%) of the tanks. If these control levels are reached during loading, the API TLA™ sets off an alarm together with an indication of the level reached. Built on patented acoustic wave technology, the TLA-500™ has a level of accuracy and reliability never seen before. The technology ensures the accuracy of measurement regardless of shape of tank, type of liquid or product temperature. The TLA™ is installed externally, with only the metal rods inside the tank. Acoustic waves are created by piezoelectric energy in the metal rods. When the liquid in the tank reaches the probe on the rods, the emission of sound waves is attenuated. This change is detected by the piezoelectric unit and signals are transmitted to the corresponding alarms. With only the metal rods inside the tank and no mechanical or moving parts, no routine maintenance is required on the unit. API TLA-500™ features • Works with any type of liquid and liquefied gas • Easy installation / No maintenance • No moving parts • No electronics inside the tank, only stainless steel rods • Non-sensitive to vapour, moisture and foam • Automatic self-test • Special Lengths on request Level switch versions are available for most liquids & liquid gases with several high temperature & ultra-low temperature versions available

Keywords: Cryogenic Level Sensors, Level Controls, Multipoint Level Control, Tank Car Level System,

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