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Keywords: Health, Allergies, Gut Toxicity

As both an art and a science, Iridology is an invaluable tool for healing. Each of us is born with a unique set of iris features, known in Iridology as our genetic makeup. Where we are inherently weak tells us what we are predisposed to having ill in the body. Clinical Iridology focuses on the accurate assessment of an individuals health by looking at the individual parts of the iris to determine the body's state of health. It is the perfect compliment to natural medicine and nutrition which aim at restoring the strength and vitality of the organs and tissues of the body.

Keywords: Allergies, Gut Toxicity, Health, Ididology,

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Children's Formula's

The Herb Shack WA has a great range of herbal medicine made especially for children. This includes Immune Care - to ease cold and flu, Kids calm - wonderful for irritable children, sleep issues and sore tummies. Breathe Easy - to help clear the nose and help with breathing, and Chesty Cough formula to help release mucous and easy coughing. The Herb Shack WA - Herbal Clinic and Dispensary, for quality herbal and naturopathic advice.


Children's clinic

Michelle has a real passion for children's health and would love to invite all famalies to try herbal medicine as an effective alternative to prescription medications. Some of the common complaints that can be treated with herbal medicine include: Common cold & flu / runny nose / fever Sore tummies / constipation / diarrhoea Sleeplessness / fatigue Irritability / moodswings / ADHD Eating / nutritional deficiencies Allergies / eczema / skin complaints UTI's



The starting point of great health is diet and nutrition. During your consultation at The Herb Shack we will discuss your diet, look for areas of improvement, identify any potential intollerances or allergens and give advice on how to support your herbal treatment with diet & lifestyle changes.


Herbal Medicine

At the herb Shack Michelle makes her own unqiue blend of herbal tinctures, glytectracs and syrups to supply to her clientelle. By doing this she is able to provide a high quality product that is more cost effective and helps her to achieve the goal of making herbal medicine a viable alternative for all those who would like to try it. Michelle Produces over 60 different herbal tinctures, glycetract combinations (great for kids), syrups and oils. Creams and ointments are also available.


Herbal Medicine