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By: Select National  02-Dec-2010
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Provides an invisible, non-stick protective coating which repels water and foreign material. Glass and ceramic surfaces are protected against the elements and remain cleaner for much longer.


Shower screens, splashbacks, windows, doors, balustrades, pool fencing, facades, skylights,
louvres, car windscreens and car windows.


Tiles, baths, basins and toilets

Maintain using Nanocoat Surface Care

What is it?
NanoCoat Clear is a glass protection treatment which provides an invisible, water repellent, non-stick barrier to protect the glass surface. It chemically bonds to the glass, so won't rub off, and protects against scale and/or salt damage, while making the surface extremely easy to clean.

Works on ALL glass types, e.g., windows, pool fencing, shower screens, splashbacks, exterior glass doors, facades, balustrades, skylights, automotive windscreens and automotive windows.

Does it work on ceramic tiles or grout?
NanoCoat Clear will work on glazed ceramic tiles, and ceramic baths, basins and toilets (treat the toilet BEFORE you fill it with water) as it would on glass. The product will work on new grout for a limited time, but will wear off long before it will on glass. NanoCoat Clear was specifically designed for glass.

Can anyone apply it?
Yes. Application is simple and instructions are included with each purchase.

Can ITC organise someone to apply it?

Is it safe to use?
NanoCoat Clear is alcohol based, so safe to use.

What is the coverage rate?
Approximately 10ml per square metre.

NanoCoat Clear 250 ml will protect approximately 25 square metres of glass, which is equivalent to treating:
- 3 to 4 average sized showers with glass panels
- All the glass and ceramic in two standard sized bathrooms
- All the glass on 8 family sized cars (or windscreens on 25 cars)
- A 12 metre glass pool fence or balustrade (both sides)
- Approximately half the windows on an average sized 3 bedroom home

How long does it last?
Depends upon the age of the surface and level of exposure to environmental conditions. Typically 3-5 years in most conditions.

Does it work on other surfaces?
May work on some clear plastics. Testing on the individual plastic is recommended.

Will it leave a mark or stain the surface?
No. The appearance and clarity of the glass will not change after treatment.

Does the surface need to be cleaned prior to application?
Yes. Surface preparation is important to obtain maximum effects. A special glass cleaner is available from ITC (Quartz-Clean) and cleaning instructions are provided with each purchase.

What if the surface has already been marked or stained?
If the glass is scale or salt damaged (cloudy appearance which will not clean off), the damaged areas will need to be repaired before NanoCoat Clear can be applied.

Is an aftercare program needed?
Treated glass becomes easy to clean, NOT self cleaning. Regular wiping with a wet microfibre cloth is all you need. Avoid the use of harsh chemical cleaners on the glass or ceramic surfaces as this may reduce the lifetime of the product, and are not needed to clean the treated glass or ceramic surface

Will the coating crack, peel or discolour over time?
No. NanoCoat Clear chemically bonds to the glass, and is not affected by UV light or heat (up to 250°C) so will not crack or discolour over time.

Keywords: Clean, Cleaning, Nanocoat, Shower Screens, Surface, Surface Protection

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