By: Body Wise Chiropractic  22-Mar-2013
Keywords: Back Pain, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture

Every single process in your body is controlled by the brain through the nervous system, this is obvious when you consider the effects of spinal injuries in paralysed people. When restrictions arise in spinal joints, the function of the nerves passing out through the spine at those levels can be affected, sometimes this is felt as a local pain in the area, sometimes the whole area controlled by the nerve can feel referred or radicular pain. This can also result in more subtle changes such as a slight weakening in muscle action. If we correct these restrictions in spinal joint function, we can avoid the development of bigger pain syndromes, in the example of the weakened muscles, they will have to work more in order to gain the desired effect, which can result in repetitive strain injuries like tennis elbow.

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