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Keywords: Workplace Health, Heart Disease, Job Stress

“Value your people” was the theme for the 7th annual Healthy Workplace week(2007).

Have we forgotten how to value our employees…

- Absenteeism has been increasing steadily since the 90′s

- Job stress has been linked causally to chronic diseases such as heart disease, depression and diabetes.

- In the last 30 years obesity has risen from around 14% to almost 25%

Workplace Health week was about celebrating employees, their successes and accomplishments. It was a week where employers took extra time to recognize their employees and show how vital their employees are to the success of their organization.

Healthy organizations consistently outperform other organizations having below-average rate of absenteeism, accidents and stress related illnesses.

Is your organization proactive in its relationship with its employees?

Has your organization adopted any workplace health strategies?

Have you seen the results organizational health strategy’s have on business productivity?

Yes, thats right, in a healthy workplace, people want to come to work!

- Ryan

Keywords: Heart Disease, Job Stress, Workplace Health

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Research has also shown a strong association between weight loss and exercise and a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and some kinds of cancer. Studies have shown that losing moderate amounts of weight and exercising regularly can substantially lower the risk of developing diabetes. More and more research is finding that lifestyle changes can help lower the risk for developing these chronic illnesses.


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With the ability to workout in their lunch break many staff jump at the opportunity during winter when working out in the cold after work seems unappealing. Sadly, such corporate health initiatives seem only to be provided where senior management are active themselves, because they understand the benefits. If staff are having fun participating in exercise programs and indeed if they have paid for a term of clases, they want to come to work.



Stress in the workplace is one of the top topics when it comes to stress-management because oddly enough most stress occurs in the workplace environment. To combine productivity and relaxation, simply avoid destructive stress in the workplace — which might prove to be a much harder task than it sounds. Stress is the basic fight or flight reaction that gets triggered when we see ourselves in danger. Constructive stress and destructive stress.


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The Healthy Heart Check is specifically designed to conveniently and cost effectively identify risk factors that can reduce the likelihood of developing CVD and diabetes whilst cutting the costs associated with illness and absenteeism in your organization. Employees are educated about their own areas of risk and informed of the necessary lifestyle changes needed to minimize their chances of developing CVD or diabetes.



Stress seems to come part and parcel with our modern lifestyles; the fact the economy is suffering, people are losing their jobs, the price of fuel is high or whatever else places pressure on our minds. Typically, when stressed, we eat unhealthy foods, tend not to exercise and/or smoke more frequently - all damaging to our bodies.