Back pain - response after 2 treatments

By: Therapeutic Bowen  04-Jul-2016
Keywords: Back Pain, Alternative Medicine, Lower Back Pain

Client testimonial received from a male, aged 40 with a "bad back". After 2 sessions he sent me the following email, which is published here with his kind permission. "As you know on my 2nd session I was already starting to feel better. I had meant to book a 3rd but when the time came around I had made such a recovery that there didn't seem to be any point in doing so. My experience of the treatment has left me feeling great but somewhat perplexed. I really enjoyed meeting you and talking about all the various issues to do with the treatment and other related stuff. However, regarding the treatment itself I didn't notice any physiological effects whatsoever. None of the 'tingling' sensations or muscular effects you described. Compared to other physical treatments I've had in the past, such as massage or reflexology, the 'moves' that you did were so light and intangible that I wondered how on earth they could have any effect on my condition. But, and this is a big 'but', the results have proved to be remarkably effective. Basically, I've had no problems at all since the 2nd treatment. I've been doing loads of physical activities since and there has been no pain, no twinges or relapses at all. Some of my work involves big IT installations, very heavy lifting - up to 30-40 kgs at a time - and last week I spent 7 hours digging a vegetable garden. I'm still a bit puzzled to be honest. Being a logical, rational being at heart, I wondered how much was to do with the natural healing process, how much was to do with the body/mind awareness issues after discussing these things with you, and how much it was to do with the actual treatment itself. However all this taken into account, I believe that it was the right decision to come to you. I feel that you have a natural gift to identify what's wrong, empathize and 'heal' your patients. You made me feel very relaxed and after visiting you for a couple of times, I have never felt better! So, with all my rational/sceptical biases taken into account, I want to thank you for everything and I wouldn't hesitate a moment to recommend your services to anyone I meet. As a final word, I guess the bottom line is, would I come back for another treatment if I had the same problem with my back? And the answer is an unequivocal yes."

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain