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By: Apache Reiki  04-Jun-2015
Keywords: Health, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

How Reiki Works Reiki energy opens and balances the flow of life force energy (Ki) which accelerates the natural healing process, increases the effectiveness of the immune system and gently works on the whole person to balance energy in the body, mind, and spirit, and thus, boosts the body's own innate healing abilities. The restoration of the flow of life force energy awakens the body’s own natural balance allowing it to heal itself. Healing is a by-product of the balancing that occurs when the body is filled with this life force energy. Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medicine, but rather, an aide to it. It is guided by the recipient's needs and higher self and works to heal cause first. It draws through the Reiki practitioner/Master exactly the required amount and intensity of energy. What to Expect from a Reiki Treatment A full Reiki treatment takes about one hour, although some people require more time. During the treatment, clients experience feelings of deep relaxation and in some cases, people have fallen asleep. Stress, tension, and anxiety and other draining emotions seem to float away. After the treatment, you will feel refreshed, more peaceful and have a stronger sense of well-being - and often a more positive, balanced outlook. Reiki success story: A fibromyalgia client felt good enough, strong enough and happy enough that she was able to go dancing after her session! Clients have said: “Those nightmares are gone and I sleep much better” “The things that really used to trigger me and stress me out don’t bother me as much anymore. I’m less reactive and deal with stressors differently. I am calmer and take more in my stride.” “After my treatment I noticed that I felt more aware and more conscious of things around me.” “I feel more balanced, calm and am much more clear-headed.” “Shortly after (my treatment) I felt or sensed some stuff about myself that I know is no longer true.” “I’m calmer, more able to focus; I feel much more optimistic.”

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