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By: Shapeshift Creative  23-Nov-2011

Today marks my second Parklife attendance, and probably the best yet. I just wanted to briefly give my thoughts on the day! Scroll to the bottom for my conclusion as well as some videos — I’ll be uploading my own photos and videos in the next couple of days. Arrival Transport as usual was pretty [..]

Between November 2010 and January this year, I posted 6 or 7 blogs entitled ‘Old Photo Revival’ which featured links to albums of band photos I had taken going all the way back to 2008. Now on my facebook, I have uploaded an album of photos from 2006 and earlier. It’s a bit of a [..]

The new design might come as a bit of a surprise to most of you considering how fresh my old design was, but I was beginning to have problems so I thought it might be time to do a little work. It’s not quite done yet: The feed carousel thing at the top doesn’t change [..]

Take a look at this awesome photo taken by Jörg Dickmann.

Hey all, Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been quite busy with uni and other jobs. I wanted to just mention a couple things about extension tubes. Now you might remember a post back in July mentioning that I’d bought some extension tubes. I mentioned that they were ‘automatic extension tubes’ but didn’t [..]

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Now, before I go ahead and post up the last 8 or 9 bands, I wanted to share the social shots I took that day. They are also available on facebook too so you can tag yourself in them.


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Just a quick sneak peek of my Emmure pics from Sunday night. I’ll be uploading these in full tomorrow.


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If you have a basic compact camera, or even a high end SLR camera, out-of-the-box your camera will be set to shoot JPEG images. In one of my previous photography tips, I spoke briefly about colour spaces and how to set your camera to Adobe RGB. If you aren’t familiar with the term, “Bokeh” refers to the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. You will recognise it as the little circles of light in the blurry parts of photos.


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I just thought it would be really interesting to post up this image seeing as though everyone is going on about how newer low-level SLR cameras are competing against the performance of mid to high-end SLR cameras or “professional” cameras. They are supposed to be a high-fidelity version of standard foam earplugs you use for gigs, etc. but as i’m sure most of you have experienced, when you use foam earplugs everything just sounds.


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Prolonged battery life Vertical shooting made easy with grip & extra controls Higher FPS on some cameras Great centre of gravity for bigger, telephoto lenses It doesn’t always come cheap. One of the most important things about photography is getting the image you see into the camera, on to the computer, and out the printer whilst retaining all the detail.