RCD Safety Switch

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POWERFORCE ELECTRICAL supply and install RCD's (Safety Switches) to homes and businesses to protect people from the risk of electric shock.

RCD's are designed to cut power in a very short time when it detects a leakage of electrical fault current to earth such as the metal casing on kitchen appliances. The electric fault current only needs to be a small amount before the RCD detects an imbalance in the circuit and trips the power in less than 0.3 seconds to avoid electric shock to anybody who comes in contact with the faulty appliance.

Therefore RCD's are very important and save lives. Energy Safety has deemed that a minimum of 2 RCD;s protecting all power and lighting points shall be installed into all homes prior to the sale of a home and from August 2011 ALL rental properties are required to have at least 2 RCD's installed.

Keywords: Electrical Inspection, Electrical Safety Testing, Rcd, Rcd Testing



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