February 2016 Relaunch

By: Ocean Pilates  16-Nov-2015
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Ocean Pilates is re launching with a number of new PIlates classes. Ocean PilatesĀ® is committed to empowering people through movement and work towards movement without pain. Pilates has a proven track record to assist individuals with significant pain reduction or elimination, and is an excellent form of exercise for pre-surgery and post surgery recovery. Each Pilates session is specifically tailored to your individual needs and requirements, which will enable you to achieve your goals with one-to-one guidance encouragement and motivation. One to One and Semi-Private Equipment Classes All equipment classes are one hour long. Exercises and stretches are performed on very specialised pieces of equipment, such as the Reformer, Cadillac (or trapeze table), Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and High Barrel. Using equipment, exercise becomes more specific and specialised as body parts can be supported and resistance can be added or taken away. This can increase or decrease the challenge of an exercise. The repertoire of exercises that can be performed on the equipment is endless, meaning that you will never become bored with your program. Reformer Fitness Classes Reformer Fitness classes are 45 minutes. The reformer is a specialised Pilates machine that offers additional benefits and challenges which allows exercises to be easier or more challenging depending on the desired movement emphasis. Reformer fitness is a dynamic paced full body Pilates group class programmed on the reformer, which incorporates the key Pilates principles, concentration, control, centring, precision, breath and flowing movement. Mat Pilates Classes Mat classes are carried out on mats on the floor and do not involve the use of equipment except for some small apparatus, such as the Theraband, Foam Roller, Pilates Circle, Fitball and hand/ankle weights. All participants carry out the same exercises in Mat work Pilates, and therefore is more suitable for people without injuries or pain.

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