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By: sketchuptraining.com.au  20-Apr-2016
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Sketchup is one of the best CAD programs around for architectural design modelling due to its user-friendly interface and unrestrictive form-making tools.
Unlike complex architectural documentation packages such as Revit and Archicad that require you to follow their construction rules and processes, Sketchup is a 3d canvas that can be used to quickly develop ideas and concepts with easy to use visual tools.
Numerous local and international architecture companies and design firms have now adopted Sketchup into the design stages of their projects whereas others have discovered that Sketchup can be used throughout the whole project, from concept to final documentation.

*Sketchup can help you Land a Job*
Sketchup is fantastic for presentations and ideas, and designers with Sketchup skills are sought after.
The great thing about Sketchup is that you can learn it very quickly and a short course can be very effective.
A new user can create decent presentation material in a day or so of picking up Sketchup and use it to create a portfolio of design work that can help win a job.
In contrast, a short course in Revit or Archicad is fairly useless because proficiency with these programs generally requires 12 to 18 months of continuous on-the-job experience^.

*Sketchup is a Designer's Friend*
When Sketchup was first created, the philosophy behind its development was to create an intuitive 3d sketch pad.
Indeed once you master the Sketchup toolset, developing 3d models feels very natural, almost like drawing with a pen and paper.
Revit and Archicad are no contest for Sketchup when it comes to concept design.
Their user interfaces and tools are designed specifically for technical drawing and modelling of building construction, and their processes are complex and difficult to master.
This is why many major design-based architecture firms around the world start their building design concepts in Sketchup.

*Sketchup From Concept to Construction Drawings*
In building design, Sketchup can be used at every stage of the design and documentation process.
While Sketchup might be renown for its quick and easy modelling tools, a growing number of users are using it to produce accurate and visually pleasing technical drawings.
An American architect, Nick Sonder, was one of the first users to realise Sketchup's potential in producing construction drawings, and subsequent advances in Sketchup's interface now allow for the production of more traditional and professional looking black and white line drawings.
Our Technical Drawing with Sketchup course is the only one of its kind in Australia; you won't learn this technique in any other Sketchup shortcourse and it does not require any expensive plugins.

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