Natal Chart Reports

By: Lunar Euphoria  27-May-2012
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Your Natal Chart report is an astrological chart based on the mathematically precise positions of the planets and the Sun & Moon at the time, date and place of your birth. If your birth time was included, then the Rising sign will add yet another dimension to your personal horoscope interpretation. If it is not included because you don't have an accurate time of birth, there is still much useful and insightful personal information that can be gained from your report.

What will I learn about myself?

This report will take you on a revealing journey as it provides you with insights into your character and personal life potentials by indicating the strengths you have and the challenges you experience in life.


Your natal chart report takes into account the various spiritual and psychological implications, as well as the material plane potentials which are part of your individual life plan. In this case the word 'potential' is used because you have been given a certain amount of free will and the life choices that you make will determine to a large extent the level at which these cosmic energies actually play themselves out.


Use this report to unlock the door for new life possibilities that you may not have yet considered - this is where the strength and real value of your personal astrological report is found.

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