We are here Perth!

We are here Perth! from U Drink I Drive WA

By: U Drink I Drive WA  01-May-2013
Keywords: Drink Driving, Designated Driver, Driver Hire

Drink Driving and U Drink I Drive Designated Drivers Service Drink driving is a major concern and a big issue for road safety all around the world. The consumption of alcohol has been shown to adversely affect many of the skills required for safe driving. Alcohol has also been shown to increase the risk of being involved in a crash, with drivers who drink having a crash risk (depending on their blood alcohol concentration (BAC)) anywhere between 1.5 and 25 times that of sober drivers. The general aim of U Drink I Drive designated driver service is to reduce the overall level of drink driving in Perth Metropolitan roads by providing personal driver / chauffeur services to clients who had a few drink and want to travel with a driver who has not been consumed alcohol. Especially those people who need to travel to and from public drinking venues such as bars, night clubs and restaurants. Using U Drink I Drive Designated Driver affordable service is a great way to be safe when you are out and having drinks. Our designated drivers determined to get everyone home safely after the event (Night out, having party with your loved one or having happy hour with your friends and colleagues after a hard day working). Sounds simple and easy, right? Sure, as long as you drink and let us drive you and your vehicle back home safely using U Drink I Drive Designated Drivers. We in U Drink I Drive are excited to start providing our services to Perth residents & businesses and be part of community that makes our roads safer! So next time if you want to go out and have a good time drinking with your friends at the local bar, dinner and a movie or maybe a ball gameā€¦. plan ahead, pre-book our services at www.udrinkidrive.com.au or call 0431 050 014; drive with your own car to the venue and for the return rest assured that we will be there to help you and your mates to drive all back home in the comfort of your own car!

Keywords: Designated Driver, Drink Driving, Driver Hire, Personal Chauffeur