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By: Shathayu Ayurveda  09-Jul-2015
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SSPS [Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda] A unique combination of Navara rice, processed by decoction of herbs and milk made into poultice and used for fomentation. This therapy is done after a traditional massage. It strengthens muscles, rejuvenates the tissues and also helpsl in development disorders of children, Geriatric disorder & degenerative conditions. Duration: 90 mins Abhyanga & Pariseka Procedure of pouring warm herbal decoction in a continuous stream over the body. This therapy is done after traditional massage and is effective in joints pain, stroke and other musculoskeletal condition. Duration: 90 mins Abhyanga and Sweda A traditional Ayurveda body massage using individual, seasonal, ailment specific medicated oils followed by steam. Abhyangam improves circulation, alleviate symptoms, pacifies toxins, nourishes the skin and tones up the muscles there by aiding relaxation and strengthening the body.( Followed by herbal scrub) Duration: 90 min Vishesha Abhyanga and Sweda A synchronised traditional Ayurveda massage, done by 4 hands. It has enhanced effect of Abhyanga. Duration: 90 mins

Keywords: Ayurvedic Center, Back Pain, Body Massage, Massage Services,

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