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AED Defibrillator Perth from Perth Fire

By: Perth Fire  11-Nov-2015
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Heartsine 500p Defibrillator • Pad-Pak cartridge containing single event disposable battery and pads, with 4 year expiry from date of manufacture. • IP 56 Ingress protection (Highest in industry) • Small an light thanks to Pad-Pak concept • Only one expiry date to monitor, also thanks to Pad-Pak concept • Pre-connected pads save time • Metronome to assist with Compression rate • Self-test function • Data recording of event for later download • Made in UK • Rapidly growing market share in Australia • 10 Year Warranty 500P has the addition of a new technology that is outstanding in the ability to improve the successful outcome of a resuscitation: There are a few AED’s that measure force of your Chest compressions/CPR and advise you how hard to push. However the fact is each victim needs a different force to ensure blood flow (for adults this ranges from 20 to over 70kg). The Samaritan 500P is the only AED in the world that measures blood flow during CPR! And its blood flow that sustains life, not merely the force exerted on your chest during CPR. CPR advisor function, provides real-time feedback on the effectiveness of chest compressions. Even trained rescuers have no way of being sure that they are doing good compressions. In fact 70% of all CPR is inadequately performed. The model 500P monitors cardiac output during CPR, that is how effectively you are getting the heart to circulate blood. Is this complicated? No, it couldn’t be simpler. All it tells you, the rescuer, is whether you need to push harder or faster or slower, or whether you are doing good compression. It also has a visual display of lights as an obvious gauge on how you are doing. Is this necessary? An AED decides whether the heart rhythm is a ‘shockable’ or ‘non-shockable’ rhythm. Nearly half of the time it is a non-shockable rhythm, in which case the AED will do nothing, and it is over to you to . With the 500P you have an excellent chance of still saving the victims life as it tells you to begin CPR and makes sure you are pushing hard enough and fast enough. The Australian Resuscitation Council’s new resuscitation guidelines recommend the use of feedback devices. With the HeartSine Samaritan 500P you have the only feedback device available that is specific to the victims cardiac output, rather than just a depth sensor based on an average sized chest diameter….Increased quality hands-on time increase the chance of survival greatly.

Keywords: Cardiac Arrest, Defib, Defibrillator, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Medical Supplies

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