2012 Annual Group Art Exhibition 'The Elements Defined'

2012 Annual Group Art Exhibition 'The Elements Defined' from Out of the Box Biz

By: Out of the Box Biz  10-Sep-2012

The Elements. Earth, Wind and Fire Defined through Art 7 - 16 September 2012 The Elements Defined. Have you ever had a dinner conversation about what are the elements? Are their 4? 5? It all really comes down to your cultural, religious background and more but join Interactive Arts artists to experience how each artist has defined the elements within their own artistic style at their annual Meet the Artists Day for the annual group exhibition on Sunday 9 September between 12noon and 5pm. Award-winning, Interactive Arts artist, Narelle Manser-Smith, describes her entry ‘Combustion’ as ‘portrays the feeling of being ‘on fire’, when your every move comes with ease and all that you touch is almost magical. You are at one with the earth and your senses are heightend.’ Interactive Arts artist, Joie Villeneuve has entered her new work ‘Effervescent Symphony’ and describes her inspiration as ‘this painting was inspired by my time in Kakadu. Painting and photographing the lotus and birds of that region. The title seemed the perfect one to capture the essence of the magic there.’ Online art gallery and ‘pop-up art exhibition’ specialist, Fleur Allen started Interactive Arts as an opportunity to build a business that took a somewhat different perspective on art. “We take the difficulty out of searching by providing a diverse range of artwork that can be seen from the comfort of your lounge room. We appeal to mums and dads along with serious art investors who are looking for that unique piece to compliment their lives”. Interactive Arts works with local contemporary artists using a combination of traditional promotional methods and a strong online presence to showcase their member artists. The exhibition ‘The Elements Defined’ is our annual group art exhibition aiming to celebrate the original styles of every artist within an overarching theme to link the show together within a traditional gallery space. Fleur Allen, founder and director of Interactive Arts said ‘We are delighted to be one of the first exhibitions in the brand new gallery space, Chrissie Parrott Arts and simply a joy to work with Chrissie Parrot and Jonathon Mustard’.

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