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By: Drivestyle  24-May-2011
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Learner Courses

Proactive Learner - A new unique approach to preparing drivers….

Learner Lessons – Single, multiple or discount packages what’s best for you …

Take The Challenge – get the edge and a guaranteed all in price…

Tips and information for Learner Lessons…

Licenced driver Courses

Excel Advanced Defensive Driving - Intensive, fast paced learning and totally rewarding ….

Get the X Factor – Premium Road Craft & Proactive Defensive Driving – go to the top of the class…

X Factor 4WD - Nationally Accredited & Certificate Training


Aged Licence Refresher – need to re-sit your licence – we can help…

4WD 4 Leisure – great tips, skills and experience gained in your 4WD….

Caravan & Trailer – now you have an articulated vehicle, heavier, longer, different dynamics…

Minibus, light truck, Van or … – need to train and practice in a specialised vehicle – we can help…

Proactive Learner - Driver Education

A new unique approach to preparing drivers for the road in Australia!

This comprehensive and informative course is derived from the latest international premium Driver Training concepts and practices.

Based on a very successful behavioural program used by WA Police Trainers, this course focuses on educating drivers to handle varied situations safely.


Learn2drive proactively, rather than reactively.


You will gain broad knowledge on areas such as:

·         The difference between Proactive drivers and Defensive drivers

·         Road Laws & learner licensing

·         The importance of  attitude & behaviour

·         Hazard perception & management

·         Vehicle dynamics & balance

·         Vehicle safety systems & maintenance

·         Braking distance

·         Adverse conditions

·          Common Crash causes and what happens in a crash

·         Effects of Fatigue, Alcohol & drugs

·         … & lots more ….. and you receive a discount driving lesson voucher!

**All attendees participate in a practical driving session with a professional Driver Trainer to get tips for driving a car and passing the Licence Assessment.  

The course is delivered in modules and is approx 5 hours duration, generally split  in 2 components – 1 mid week evening (2hrs) and 1 Saturday (3 hrs)

Parents welcome & attend Free!

Attendees receive a Driving Lesson discount voucher on completion

(see pricing & details on contact page)

We have a passion to train and re-educate drivers to be Proactive on our roads.  Too many drivers have been taught to drive reactively and apply poor attitudes and decision making. 

This can lead to crashs occurring that were avoidable, road rage, loss of licence and vehicle damage.

Perth & WA drivers are often quoted to be the worst in Australia – let’s do something about it!

Your ride, your life….take control!

Learner to Licence

Once you have your Learners permit you can start driving lessons immediately. Contact us now and we will book you a lesson straight away.

Our simple but clever 3 step lesson plan will help you beat the licence assessment test!

Lesson frequency – see our tips & recommendations below and even more info in “process”!

Lesson Plan Options – each lesson unit is 45 minutes of 1 on 1 Personal Training covering vital skills and knowledge to get you ready for the Licence assessment and to educate you to be a proactive driver. This is proactive education component is unique to us and will give you an edge on other drivers!

We work with you and discuss your budget and preferences to determine which lesson structure will suit you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either!

Single Lesson – you can book 1 lesson at a time or combine with double lessons. Ideal for limited budgets and for checking us out!

Double Lesson – 2 x singles back to back 90 mins – best for once you have the basics in place as you get twice the time to learn new skills and practice. Not generally for starters, as fatigue from extended driving can prevent absorption of all the information.

10 lesson pack – buy 10 get 1 free – great price & you can plan your lessons well ahead and book them in advance or just not have to worry about paying each time and potentially forgetting the cash. Also direct credit is a useful payment and cash management option for Parents.

Practical Driver Assessment & Lesson Combination – take the time for a lesson before your Driver Assessment Test. We will settle your nerves, review your knowledge and you can familiarise with the streets around the Licence Centre. This way we can point out some traps and extra tips for Beating the test!

Take the Challenge – need to get your licence fast or want an all in price? This is the edge – real driving skills that will be noticed by other drivers, family and friends!

The Challenge gives you:

·         a maximum price Guarantee – you don’t have an open ended contract

·         a short term leap from learner’s permit to licence – 2 weeks to ….

·         An intensive one on one driver training program with a success guarantee

·         And an advanced driver training skills

If you Take the Challenge we give you a training upgrade and reward offer. Pass your Assessment on:

·         1 attempt – you get the Excel – New Driver program FREE – yes FREE! And a 50% discount voucher for our X Factor – premium road skills. This is exceptional additional value and you will benefit from advanced driver training and road craft skills and knowledge.

·         2 attempt – you get the Excel – New Driver program for FREE And a 20% discount voucher for our X Factor – premium road skills

·         Any other attempt (rarely occurs with drivestyle!) – you receive 25% discount vouchers for the Excel – New Driver and X Factor – premium road skills


Lesson bookings

-          book as many as you like on day 1

-          we recommend you book your current lesson and 1 in advance to secure your time

-          always re-book after each lesson to retain continuity

-          regular lessons work best for retaining new information and to reinforce prior knowledge

-          warning – Trainers are usually booked at least a week in advance, so the more notice you give the better chance you have of getting the time/day you want. Really important to book ahead if you only have a few times/days available

-          book direct with your Trainer or call the office number – Trainers are not able to answer calls during lessons! (the Office contact options offer more immediate service)

-          if we don’t answer please leave a message every time – we will call you back - promise!

-          Most popular lesson time slots are 7am-9pm & 3-6pm (before & after school/work). If you are only available then you must book ahead

Payment Options

Cash – paid to your Trainer at the start of each lesson

Direct Credit – pre-payment to drivestyle bank account (funds must be cleared before lesson appointment)

Other options - may be considered with prior approval/discussions with your Trainer.

Drivestyle advantages!

Convenient for you

·         pick up/drop off at your home (other locations by agreement i.e. school/work)

·         flexible lesson times and days with Competitive pricing

·         manual or auto cars in ALL Perth suburbs

·         Regular hours and genuine after hours booking service 7 days/week (by phone/sms/email) you can text or email us andwe will call you back to save your phone credit

For your comfort

·         all cars are air conditioned clean and neatly presented (Trainers too!)

For your safety – all cars are

·         well maintained late model & fitted with dual controls

click here to check our personal Guarantee!

Excel - introduction to Advanced skills & Proactive Defensive Driving

You are 1 on 1 with our Driver Trainer for up to 3 hours – you drive they guide!

Intensive, fast paced learning and totally rewarding – you will feel completely different about your driving at the end of the course.

Your confidence, understanding and knowledge will grow rapidly. You will gain invaluable roadcraft experience, while developing practical proactive driving skill sets.

Great for log book hours too!

These courses are fabulous investments for anyone who is recently qualified.

Parents – you will see a distinct and immediate difference in your son/daughters’ driving. You may find yourself saying & meaning “you drive really well – I feel safe and trust your driving”

These are also essential courses for drivers who may be nervous or daunted, by any particular road condition or situation. Perhaps your concern is with merging, parking, freeways, other drivers, night driving, unsealed roads, big trucks, etc…….

Discuss your fears or concerns with us and we will build your skills to beat these issues, encourage you and get your confidence and capability on track.

Fast Freeways & City Congestion – 2 hours (dual control vehicle provided)

Develop your confidence & knowledge of the tunnel, freeway and inner city. Make them work for you!  You will control any fears and enhance congested road driving and parking skills.

Also heightens your road law knowledge – some inclusions are:

-           merge into & exit from fast moving busy traffic with ease,

-          confident lane changing, creating the “gap”

-          dealing with tailgaters & constant lane changers

-          understand freeway laws i.e. emergency & bus lanes, one way streets, crash protocol

-          high rise and street car parking manoeuvres – you be the boss!

-          identify city entry & exits & major service locations (hospitals, police, etc) … & more

Advanced Driving Techniques for Country style open highway & winding Roads - 3 hours

(dual control vehicle provided)

Be amazed at the difference this course makes to your confidence, knowledge and raw skills. Gain invaluable knowledge & skills that will protect you and your passengers for life, on any road.

Parents – this course is a must for anyone considering a country road trip, but the skills apply on every road regardless. This is about understanding how easily a car can become a missile and how best to avoid hazards, by adopting strong skill sets and a proactive driving attitude.

Some Inclusions are:

-          hazard identification and perception

-          peripheral vision, observation, restricted visibility (night/sunset/fog/rain, etc)

-          tyres, cornering lines & weight vehicle distribution

-          narrow winding roads

-          unsealed roads

-          emergency braking – safe distances, how to … & what happens when you do!

-          overtaking effectively and safely

-          understanding effects of fatigue & manage it

-          safe driving at open road speed … & more

Certificates of Attendance are issued for all courses

Be better than your mates and amaze your parents with your skill and practical knowledge!

Be safer by adopting the proactive driving style- you deserve it!

X Factor – Premium Road Craft & Defensive Driving

For mature drivers, corporate and professionals wanting or needing to upgrade skills, techniques, knowledge and education to include premium concepts and to meet high level qualifications.

Several courses are Nationally Accredited and others are designed to National Accreditation standards.

Certificates of Attendance are issued for all courses.

Formal Certificates of Attainment are issued for Nationally Accredited Courses by an RTO.

1 day X Factor Advanced Practical Driver Training

-          Vehicle management, pre-journey checks, loading tips, basic trip planning

-          vehicle dynamics and on-board systems explained (ABS, anti-skid, etc)

-          is better driving about an attitude?

-          tyres & weight vehicle distribution

-          extended forward & peripheral observation

-          advance hazard identification and perception

-          narrow winding & hilly roads, cornering lines & unsealed roads

-          emergency braking & Skid control technique

-          overtaking effectively and safely at speed & in traffic

-          anticipation and risk taking

-          understand the effects of alcohol, drugs, fatigue. how to identify & manage fatigue

-          adverse driving conditions, varying surfaces & safe driving at open road speed … & more

Proactive Driver Training (Theory)

What mind set and attitude do you have when you get into your car?

How much can your attitude impact on your driving?

You have a duty of care to protect yourself and other road users! If you drive company vehicles or are a professional driver you have a duty to your employer as well.

A proactive driver thinks and reacts differently to situations unfolding as they drive. Less crashs result and vehicles are not required to be out of commission for repairs resulting in better productivity. We see work forces adopt this thinking with considerable benefits to the bottom line in reduced expenditure, less downtime, less injury, less sick leave, lower insurance premiums, less public complaints and on it flows.

As an individual or employer there are significant benefits in educating your drivers to drive proactively! Call us today to discuss!


4WD Nationally Accredited Courses (training vehicle provided)

2 courses are offered that are designed and accredited to national standards TLIC107C Drive a Vehicle & TLIC2507B Operate a 4WD.

These are the real deal completed in small groups of up to 4/vehicle!

Approx 1 hour theory is followed by 5-6 hours of practical on and off road driving scenarios including specific safety considerations when operating a 4x4 vehicle off-road.

In addition to the accredited training and assessment criteria we also include –

·         Driving on or across a slope - focusing on static rollover point precautions

·         Conducting an ascending stall recovery procedure on a moderate to steep slope - technique used to safely return the vehicle to level ground when unable to make it to the top of the hill

·         Conducting a descending stall recovery procedure on a moderate to steep slope - technique used to control a steep downhill descent

·         The negotiation of rugged terrain utilising appropriate vehicle equipment and settings correctly - this may include sand, rocks, rough tracks etc

·         The correct and safe placement of a vehicle jack and demonstrating required safety considerations when conducting a wheel change exercise.- focus on preventing vehicle damage along with the risks which can result in  crush and back injuries

Group & Corporate bookings welcome!

We can tailor a course to meet your specified outcomes!

Packages may be negotiable where minimum number requirements are met.

Courses can be delivered on your site/location with prior negotiation

(either remote or Perth Metropolitan area) or at our training centre.

Speciality Driving

Aged Driver Licence Refresher (dual control vehicle provided)

Resitting your licence after years of driving can be daunting. We understand your feelings and assist you to update road knowledge and brush up skills tested by the Licence Assessor. We work with you and utilise patience and encouragement to build your confidence prior to your assessment.

Lessons are 1 hour in duration and we pick you up from home.

Call us to discuss your concerns and our friendly staff will explain everything clearly

4WD  4Leisure - Know your Limits Courses (own vehicle)

New to 4WDriving or just wanting some genuine experienced tips or a bit of practice in your vehicle?

Our accredited trainers vast knowledge and experience is presented in an informative and enjoyable (but serious) day in the bush. Skill sets and techniques are similar to accredited 4WD training courses but we do not assess your competency.

Outcome – you will gain vital knowledge and skills to enable you to enjoy your vehicle and drive in a safe manner within you and your vehicles limits!

Trailer & Caravan Handling Course (Towing, Reversing, etc)

Towing and reversing trailers and vans is an underrated skill.

Check some facts and techniques on correct loading, towing and driving an articulated vehicle. Bear in mind when towing your vehicle can be 2-3 times longer and heavier than your regular vehicle, making handling, braking and all other driving conditions completely different.

Many Australians load up a van or trailer and head off for the road trip of a lifetime. The last thing you want is to make an avoidable loading, driving or reversing error and stuff up your dream holiday.

Minibus or Van – competency & handling

We often train specialist workers to handle larger vehicles that classify as a standard licence, such as small trucks, minibuses. These vehicles are significantly taller, wider, heavier, longer and often rely solely on side mirrors only for rearward vision.

Loading can also be specialised, whether it is children, people with wheelchairs, people in poor health , or a sensitive equipment.

For drivers who are unfamiliar with these larger vehicles, driving with confidence can be achieved in a relative short training program concentrating on current driver skill/experience levels, the specifics of the vehicle type/purpose and it’s relative dynamics.

Group Bookings available for any course

Tailored Courses designed to your specifications & outcomes

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