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By: Bed Bugs Pest Control  19-Aug-2015
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At Eco friendly pest control Perth we have a combination and skilled and experienced specialists and they give their best to keep you safe. Bed bugs pest control Perth is very much concerned about your health and while the process pest control Perth make sure that you do not get exposed to the harmful chemicals and we also make sure that there are no more pest and other organism which can harm you in any possible way. At Bed bugs Pest Control Perth we value our Customers and give them the best of the experience. For Any Query Do Contact us Eco Friendly pest Control Perth and we will be in your service as soon as possible. Bed Bug Pest Control Perth also known s Cimex lectularius belong to cimicidae family. They prefer warm houses and sleeping areas like beds and beddings, and that is where they got the name of "bed bug". Bed Bugs are usually active at night and leave the host unnoticed about their bites. Bed Bugs are the reason for number of health issues, which include Skin Rashes, Psychological Effects and allergies. The bites may result to blister but sometimes the effects are invisible too. It has not been found that bed bugs can transmit HIV, MRSA, Hepatitus B, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis E but they may transfer Abroviruses. Physical Appearance of adult bed bugs is reddish to light brown, Flat Body, Oval Shaped without Hind Wings. Adults may grow up to 4-5 mm long and 1.5-3 mm wide. Generally newly hatched bugs are light in color, translucent and as they grow and go to the adult stage they become brown. Bed bugs are often mistaken for other insects like Booklice, small cockroaches or carpet beetles, also when crushed they emit an unpleasant odor. They are generally attracted to carbon-di-oxide and secondary to the warmth of a body and a few other chemicals too. These bugs attack the exposed skin primarily like neck, face and arms of a person in sleep. They have a mouth part which saw the skin and once through they inject saliva with painkillers and anti coagulants, which can react or cannot react depending on the sensitivity of the human skin. With a Cooler temperature they can survive up to one year without feeding but in warmer temperatures they try to feed themselves in 7 to 10 days, still adults manage to survive for 5 months without feeding themselves. Bed bugs eradication requires a combination of pesticide and non pesticide approach. Heat Treatment, vacuuming and mattress wrapping are good to go. Heating up the place for 45 degrees Celsius for an hour or chilling at -17 degrees Celsius for two hours kills them though. They do not starve for 100 300 days so it's best to call pest control services and this is where

Keywords: Pest Control Service, Pest Services