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Camera service and video production advice from Allcam

By: Allcam  14-Jul-2011
Keywords: Camcorder, Camera Repair

The pieces which need to be in place for most camera repairs:
• Technical knowledge and know how
• Exploded view and part list documentations to identify part numbers
• Spare part supply
• The right tools to disassemble the camera and replace faulty parts
• Alignment, adjustment tools, procedure documentation, equipment and software (advanced camera repairs)
Camera repairs are often unique, so it is essential, that you are equipped with the right technical and theoretical knowledge to approach any brand and model. Here are some fundamental considerations to get started. It is more a guide or compass, which can be applied to navigate through all the different camera models. If you are a first timer, or new to this subject, I recommend to start with an old, cheap scrapped camera first. Bear in mind that dismantling and reassembly of any camera can be as difficult as the repair itself. Without care and hasty procedures the camera can be easily damaged and be worse of as in the first place. In most cases you have to replace or repair parts and assemble the whole camera before you can see if the repair was successful.

Keywords: Camcorder, Camera Repair