Sex Therapy and Relationship Counselling

Sex Therapy and Relationship Counselling from Sex Therapy

By: Sex Therapy  02-Jun-2014
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Counselling is ideal for you * if the sexual issues are affecting your happiness * if the sexual issues are affecting the quality of your life * you are single * you are in a relationship * you have had a religious up bringing * you have never had sex or engaged in sexual intimacy * you worry whether or not what you are experiencing is normal * things were great in the first few years but that seems like forever ago * things have never been that great * you worry about this all the time * you only worry about it sometimes but the problem won't go away * you think you are the one with the problem * you think your partner is the one with the problem * you and your partner argue about sex * your sex life is affecting you relationship negatively * your sex life is kinda good but you want it to be better things have to change, they can't continue the way they are you have never spoken to anyone about this - ever googling and talking to your friends is no longer helpful you are ready to stop worrying about the problem you are ready to learn more about yourself

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Sexual Focus Counselling

Counselling - Talking to someone about sex If you need to talk to someone about any aspect of your sex life choose to talk to someone who specialises in the field. As much as sex is link to relationships and sex, understanding the sexual body, what influences it and how to move towards your desired goals is a field of its own. i would love to help you learn more about your situation and to help you find ways to improve it. Chat soon, Fai.