By: Jacque Taylor Empower Network   20-Feb-2013
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Your crazy kiwi friend Jacque Taylor here again. First off I have to tell you that I dont even like the word “Guru” I do like people who are considered “Gurus”, but I wouldn’t call them that. They are just normal, average, everyday people who figure stuff out everyday as they build their businesses. Over and over again, day in and day out – no matter what. Good day. bad day. Wet day, Dry day … EVERY DAY! Turns out, it’s not even work because once you get past the money, and you can actually focus on… how you can use the money to really help people…. the question then becomes How can I help the most people? And… at the same time How can I make the most money doing it? But this is not a secret because there is no secret! what I will say though, is that if there WAS one Top Guru Secret to Success… I’ve already said it. It’s about figuring out a few simple things and just doing them over and over, and over again. And along the way, learning some more…. and doing the same thing and never quitting. Nothing special. Nothing fancy. It’s how you get good at anything. People using this strategy today are doing extremely well in business right now. Take a look around you. Who is winning? Who is losing? The people winning are keeping it simple. the people losing are making it too complicated. As we continue to navigate through this economy…. •Home Based Business Industry • Local, Small and Large Business •Every market •Every niche •Online •Offline •Network Marketing Companies •Direct Sales Companies •Commission Based Sales Professionals •Real Estate Professionals •Insurance People •Retailers •Brokers •Agents ANY BUSINESS PERSON CAN MAKE IT The ones who are keeping it simple, are killing it right now. Making it hand over fist. All because in a cluttered world of serious NOISE… only those with the most quiet minds, are able to put into effect, the exact strategies that it really takes, to break through the clutter and really reach people. And let me tell you my friend, this is the key…. Being able to reach people and actually connect with them and really having a way for them to start living a better life. this concept of simple has been amazing me lately. Matter of fact, there’s a whole “Simple Society” Group discussion taking place right now on Facebook. I joined a couple of days ago. It consists of thousands of people all talking about keeping it simple, and being more successful. Let me tell you – you would be BLOWN AWAY, if you got an ‘Inside Look’ at what’s really going on there…. A tremendous amount of leadership, training, support and RESULTS. More success being created by more people than just about anywhere, in the niche of course. Everyone using the same exact system – using the same offer. The same Company messages. All this to build ONE Giant Network of people helping each other to succeed in each of their respective businesses. It’s amazing to watch. Its only when you make things all complicated, that it becomes hard – things need to be kept simple or you confuse em and then lose em! What if just about everything difficult was eliminated. The ones that you have been struggling with in your business… You will find a HUGE sigh of relief. What started out being called a “Commission Loophole”, has actually turned out to be a HUGE breakthrough for people in so many different ways. Let’s just say it is Not MLM, Direct Sales and not Network Marketing. It is simple affiliate marketing done in a way that has NEVER been done before.

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