By: SPARKS SCENAR   16-Apr-2011
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  "I sought treatment with scenar for lower back pain caused by heavy lifting. After two treatments by Joss the pain was gone, however the thing I remember most was how relaxed I felt the evening following treatment. Often I find it difficult to fall asleep each night, feeling restless and having difficulty relaxing. I had been using medicinal herbs to help myself fall asleep, but there was still some tension in the body. After the scenar treatment, all tension was gone and it was the most relaxed nights sleep I'd had in a year or so. It feels as though energy is flowing through the nervous system freely and without any resistance.   It is also very easy to treat oneself with the scenar because it senses and tells you the best part of an area to use it on and then goes through a treatment cycle. I've successfully treated myself with scenar to heal headaches, aid sleep, ease aching muscles after gym work and with playing the piano."

“Before I met Joss, I had a sore throat for three months and had been on antibiotics for a month but nothing was helping. The doctor told me I would need surgery to remove lumps from my throat. When I used it, (COSMODIC 705) I could feel it grabbing onto the problem areas. After two treatments my throat was fixed and I was back singing better than ever”

Christopher Swayne 27yo, from Girrawheen (Lead singer of Neverborn)

Velajic came in with his arm in a sling saying his shoulder had been unmoveable for a weeks. He was in extreme pain during any movement and had difficulty sleeping due to the pain. He thought he may have broken the shoulder during a shovelling incident one week prior. Upon examination the shoulder was found not to be broken but it was in a badly frozen state and all scapular muscles were extremely tender. The shoulder had virtually no range of motion.  

After one treatment, a few days later he came back grinning from ear to ear. He swung his arm around proving full range of motion.

 “I don’t know what you did to my shoulder but the next day it was completely better. I thought it was a gonna. Thankyou very much”

Velajic 68yo from Nollamara.


 “I tried everything for my shoulder – physiotherapy, cortisone, acupuncture for two years nothing helped me. It was really starting to affect my life, and make me depressed and angry. After two treatments with Joss I am back doing everything I use to at work, strapping up trucks, loading and unloading and I am no longer in pain, I am heaps happier and I can sleep properly again” 

Mick 43yo Truck Driver

“For a few weeks I could hardly move at all, my back was all locked up and I was in constant pain. After two treatments I am 100% better”

Jessie 29yo (Roof carpenter)

“I had nagging shoulder pain for about two years and this was the only thing that helped. I own heaps of different healing gadgets and have tried all sorts of massage therapy but what I like about this is that you can actually feel it working – after a treatment you can feel that it has done some good. I like how you can really feel it grabs onto the problem muscles but it doesn’t react at all with the healthy muscles”

Alan 56yo shift worker         

Keywords: Scenar