Free Psychological Support though Morning Meditations

Free Psychological Support though Morning Meditations from Chelsea Psychology

By: Chelsea Psychology  29-Jun-2011
Keywords: Stress Counselling

Morning Meditations can be seen almost daily at  Read the latest meditation, called mum's Not Having Chemo Dot Com, about healing, on the home page of the website.  Here is a sample.

Last Friday I ran into a delightful old (but young) friend of mine, looking as gorgeous as ever in a distinctive purple headband, pushing a shopping trolley along a busy Claremont street.  We stopped and talked for a while and I gained increasing respect for this brave and feisty woman. She told me she had recently been diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer and was forced to have immediate and major surgery, which has caused some nerve damage.  But just three months later here she was, in recovery, sounding very clear about what she felt had led to the cancer and how she was planning to treat it.  She was very grateful to those around her who were loving her and supporting her through this ordeal.  She was a little regretful that she'd had surgery before being able to think it through properly (though I was pleased to hear that the cancer had been successfully removed from her body). She'd led a very healthy lifestyle (I know because I used to attend her yoga school). She is in a loving relationship with a younger man, has an unusually supportive and close relationship with her ex-husband, and a great relationship with her kids. She subscribes to my idea that you do not need to live with a partner in order to be close to him or her, and that freedom is a path to love, just as love is a path to freedom (more on that in tomorrow's blog). We had a long chat till I realised we were standing in a pre-storm wind tunnel and felt perhaps we should move on.  My friend's adult daughter wrote to me today about a new blog which will follow her mother's recovery.  I feel a little teary as I write this, because I feel the love in the blog, called mum's not having chemo.  I know that my friend and her journey will be a test case in cure and I am here to support in any way I can. The blog is at  and is absolutely fascinating. I know that many of my clients will subscribe to the surprising but logical statements in the blog.  A friend of mine is currently followingLouise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, and she and I agree that Louise would say: You Go, Girl!!!! 

Today's meditation is to know that you are safe and all is well. And that love is the answer. Love is the pathway to freedom and peace of mind and forgiveness is the way to love. Forgiveness sets us free.

To love ourselves and others, to forgive ourselves and others, is the greatest gift we will ever give, not only to each other but to us as individuals - this is the pathway to healing.

Keywords: Stress Counselling

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Jennifer Wright and her Associates can help you with managing your thoughts every day.  Today's affirmation is: I let go of all expectations. I flow freely and lovingly with life. I love myself. I know that only good awaits me at every turn