By: Jck Distributors  21-Oct-2011
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Does your fleet experience any or all of the following? • Above average fuel consumption •Dangerous black smoke emissions (sulphide emissions). • Constant blockage of filters. • Expensive maintenance and breakdowns. • Presence of sludge and other deposits in fuel tanks. • Turbidity of fuel samples. • Excess water and corrosion Maybe your fuel is fine, but over time you will also experience • Deposits of gums and varnishes and resins. Carbon build up • Shortened injector life. Pump problems Would you like to be recognised in your company by being seen to be actively improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs? If there was an opportunity to achieve this and remove all the above operational problems at the same time, would you be interested? Well, all that is required by you to reach this goal is to ensure that only clean water free fuel is provided to your fleet! “That is easily said but how do I achieve this?” You may well ask! Simple! FCC Fuel Conditioner By simply adding FCC to each fuel delivery at the economic rate of 1:4000 the problems listed above will largely disappear in the first month of use with engines returning to their peak operational capacity over the next few months* An ongoing maintenance programme using FCC will continue to protect engines by ensuring a regular supply of quality fuel. “This begs the question” you say “I can see the possibility of a cleaner running engine and less filter changes and longer equipment life, but how does this reduce fuel consumption?” This is the best part! We are quite confident that you will achieve measurable fuel reductions of at least 3% starting from month one, giving you an immediate return on your investment! GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK** Measuring reductions in cost related to downtime, maintenance, and extended parts life, is something that will only become apparent over a longer time period Please have a read of our technical sheet and contact us for further information on: 1300 9WATER (1300 99 28 37) *Period will vary and is dependent on age of each item in the fleet and the degree of pre-existing wear and tear ** Subject to monitoring of historical and post FCC fuel consumption records •FINANCIAL SAVINGS• IMPROVED EFFICIENCIES• REDUCED EMISSIONS• ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE •NON FLAMMABLE •BIO DEGRADABLE WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE! ESSENTIAL TO ALL OPERATIONS MANAGERS THAT ARE SERIOUS ABOUT IMPROVING EFFICIENCIES

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