Physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, stretching, cranioscaral therapy

By: Simone Levy  21-Mar-2011
Keywords: Physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates


Our physical bodies may be injured or diseased and we may be in pain and yet we need to understand  that we are more than just a physical form. We are wired and fired up by an incredibly brilliant neuro muscular system controlled by our brains. We are a complicated network of energy pathways. We are also controlled by powerful electrical circuits controlling our cardiovascular systems, muscles and nerves. So we are mobilized and controlled both energetically and electrically.  We are also influenced by our emotions and thoughts and a complex chemical system. Clinical Kinesiology and Structural Integration embraces the triad of health holistic model , understanding that health is a state of ease or balance represented by an equilateral triangle made up of  structural, biochemical and psychological components. Structural balance is maintained by the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body. These in turn are controlled by the energetic and nervous systems of the body. An imbalance in the muscles of the body would result in postural deviation, strain on the joints and muscles and often shortness and muscle spasm. In structural integration we assess whether a joint locks or unlocks. Hence use is made of indicator joints, understanding that the joint’s function is adapted by the nervous and energy systems of the body. Testing allows us to tap into the body’s ‘bio computer’. We then use techniques aimed at correcting imbalances. When we work on the nervous system, we optimize the flow of electricity up and down the spine. This also ensures the flow of ‘life force’ or chi up and down the spine and hence through the whole meridian system to each and every muscle and organ in the body.

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