Depression Counselling

By: Insights and Therapeutic Solutions  19-Oct-2012
Keywords: Depression, Depression Counselling

The word depress means to press something down. When we are depressed we have pushed our feelings down often leaving us in a dark heavy place. Many people use the word depressed flippantly, they say not having ice cream depresses them or failing at an exam is depressing. These feelings of depression that come and go often in our lives are not accurately described. Feeling down or disappointed does not mean you are 'depressed'. It's probably your expression of a cluster of feelings that don't feel good. Depression is various feelings such as anger, sadness, unhappiness and a general sense of feeling down. When these feelings stay and you struggle to get rid of them and they keep coming back, then your likely to be depressed. It feels stuck and nothing will or can change and all your efforts to make things different are useless. Not being in touch with our feelings and not knowing how to express them can be debilitating. We often confuse our thoughts with our feelings and sometimes as children we learn that feelings are not okay. As the years go by we lose the skill to identify our feelings and don't know a constructive way to express them so we keep them to ourselves and allow our thoughts to torment us.

Keywords: Depression, Depression Counselling

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