20 website design tips

20 website design tips from Perth Website Builders

By: Perth Website Builders   28-Jan-2012
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We are sharing some tips for the website design that we special care when designing client websites. There are so many but we listed out only 20 so reader can get maximum in limited time.

·         Offering value to the customer:

Every page of the website should designed in such a way that it should provide something valuable to offer to the customer. If the company would not provide something of worth than it is useless for the visitors to spend time on it.

·         Adjust the editorial and advertisements according to the need:

An article should always be present which should describe about the company or the mission. Only the ads are not enough for attracting the visitors. If the company wants to generate revenue through advertisements then they should divide their website as 70% editorial and 30% advertisement.

·         Sounds and animations cause distraction:

Animations cause irritation among some people. It is really annoying when someone is looking at a particular point and the pages are flying around on the website. Moreover, the sound does not allow the person to concentrate on what is written on the website.

·         Scrolling text is irritating:

The text which is scrolling is hard to read due to which the visitor leaves the site very early.

5Preference to interest of the visitor:

The interest of the visitor should always be kept forth while designing the website.

·         Popup are annoying:

The popup are always annoying as the visitor feels that the website owner has no respect for the visitor’s privacy.

·         Flashy graphics and multimedia can ruin the website:

The graphics that flash and multimedia as well always makes it difficult for the visitor to read the content of the website. So never incorporate them while designing an attractive website.

·         Adjust the page size:

The page that is too narrow or too broad gives a bad image because the extra white content or too low doesn’t seem nice on a website.

·         Image files should be easy to download:

The image that the company uploads on the website is sometimes hard to download because of its large size. So always try for compressing the image.

·         Make backgrounds simple:

Try to make backgrounds simple so that the text or the content is easy to read.

·         Increased line spacing:

The lines that are too narrow are difficult to read therefore, the line space should always be increased.

·         Menu should be included on every page:

The menu guides the visitors about the website so it should be incorporated on every page.

·         Page length should be limited:

Adding to much text on one page does not look good so divide them into different pages.

·         Don’t use all capital letters:

The letter should be small in size.

·         Check the spellings:

The spellings should be correct.

·         Underline the words that are links;

The underlined words are always taken as they are links.

·         Bold the important words:

It would make it clear to visitors the importance of the words

·         Links the contact and information:

Always link the contact number.

·         Do not plagiarize

Plagiarism is seen as a serious crime. Never commit this act or copy any material.

·         Clicking should be minimized:

Minimize clicking as it would reduce distraction.


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