Specialist Prosthosdontist

By: Concept Dental  02-Apr-2014
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A specialist Prosthodontist has successfully completed 3 additional years a full time training on dental treatment using dentures both fixed and mobile and/or implants in singular or multiple applications. If you're interested in having an implant then the Prosthodontist designs your whole mouth for implants in both upper and lower jaws. Even if you only need one implant for the moment the design, placement and function of that implant will impact all your teeth for the rest of your life. An implant is the best option for a missing tooth as it prevents the bone and gum receding from an empty space of an extraction site. Often if cases of extensive and poor oral care the teeth are eroded and unsalvageable so a "full clearance" may be require. The stumps, blacken, broken and non vital teeth will be removed and a denture can be custom shaped for you. Many patients are quite happy to have a function bite again after their denture settles in. In some cases patients want to have the denture more rigid and so between 2 and 4 implants can be place to which the denture now snap locks onto. This often give the feeling back of your original biting capacity. The prosthodontist is the best person to see if your teeth and gums have lost their ability to chew and function as born with. If you have noticeable trouble when eating, sleeping, smiling or drinking then look to expert advice and early planning can be your best option.

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