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Sound Healing from Violet Flame Healing Centre

By: Violet Flame Healing Centre  09-Nov-2011
Keywords: Health, Healing, Meditation

Sound healing is the creation of a sacred vibration that offers a unique transformational power to each participant. Sacred sound has been used throughout the ages and is considered one of the oldest forms of healing. The subtle vibrational nature of sound reaches us in multiple ways - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It provides an energetic shift for the area where the focus has been held. Any place where you focus your attention can be address with sacred sound - life issues, physical and emotional healing and spiritual change.

The vibrations of the crystal bowls will also help to clear the mind for deep meditation and relaxation.

When listening to a singing bowl, pay attention to where you feel sensations most strongly in your body. A particular singing bowl will resonate with its related chakra, but it can also indicate the need for future healing work in an area.

The oscillating sounds of the bowls micro-massages the systems, tissues and cells of the body. The vibrations enter through the subtle energies surrounding the physical body, aligning and balancing, which in turn allows greater energy to be drawn through them into the physical body. Sound works on many other levels too – the chakras, nadis, meridians and electromagnetic currents.

This type of vibrational therapy triggers a rippling effect from the outside of the body inwards, helping to balance the body system. Amongst other things, this vibrational therapy assists in improving blood circulation, metabolism, endocrine balance, chakra balance and alignment with our higher self.

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