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The ONLY Motorcycle School in Mandurah to have a near PERFECT PASS RATE... Our results speak for themselves. Our 'mission' is to "keep you safe on the roads" and we provide tuition to all levels of Motorbike and Motorcycle riders. We also specialise in nervous riders by providing a calm and encouraging approach to our teaching style. Our instructor is trained and licensed by the Department Of Transport (DOT) to Cert 4 Level and has over 30 years of experience in riding. Here at Kickstart Motorcycle Training school our aim is not just to get you your licence to ride but ensure when you leave us, you will be more aware of the potential dangers and know how to deal with them on our ever increasing busy roads. Kickstart Motorcycle Training provides the finest private motorcycle instruction available for beginning, intermediate, and experienced riders. Our one-to-one student/instructor ratio greatly accelerates each rider's learning curve because our classes are tailored to the individual rider's skill level. In fact, many of our graduates are amazed by their progress after only a few hours of training. We aim to provide the best tuition and instruction being one of the first instructors in Mandurah qualified to Cert 4. A focus on quality training has attracted us here at Kickstart to provide the best Instruction and Tuition. Best doesn't necessarily mean the fastest riders, or the most demanding teachers. Best means people with a gift for leading others to success. I am extremely proud that as an Instructor I can provide both challenge & guidance resulting in a near perfect pass rate. Therefore keeping you safe and aware on the roads at all times. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and friendly approachable instructors, with lots of patience and understanding to put you at ease. All instructors are fitted with a sense of humour as standard (It helps!). You don't even need to own a bike to make your dream come true. We've plenty of machines at 'Kickstart' that you can use for your training and to take your test. Helmets, gloves and waterproofs are also available and Kickstart uses the latest in bike to bike intercom technology, providing you with constant communication and guidance from your instructor. We are the only school in Mandurah to have the ability to come to your place of residence or work, with our unique motorbike and trailer. Therefore not only do we tailor our lessons to each student, we can also bring them to your door!!!!

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