Durafix Fluxless Aluminium Repair Rods

Durafix Fluxless Aluminium Repair Rods from Durafix (WA)

By: Durafix (WA)  05-Sep-2012
Keywords: Heating, Fishing, Fabrication

Durafix is a unique and unrivalled aluminium repair system. No expensive gases or specialist equipment are required for successful results with this easy to use product. Durafix Fluxless Aluminium Repair Rods can weld aluminium, die-cast, white metal, pot metal, galvanised & zinc based alloys. It is the only weld system able to successfully join and weld aluminium from paper thin (beer can thickness) up to larger items such as cylinder heads, fuel tanks, boat hulls, etc. It is ideal for repairing thin aluminium such as radiators, intercoolers, evaporators, condensers, air conditioning components, small tubes, light plate, castings, etc. and the smallest of lightweight items. A standard size DIY blow torch using Propane, Butane, LPG or MAPP gas is suitable for most welds making it extremely convenient to use "out in the field" for repairs to cars, trucks, boats, tractors, machinery, etc.  Very large items will require more heat, this is done by using "hotter gases", or  commercial type torches. These rods do not produce fumes, the welds are clean and free from slag and are 75%-90% stronger than the parent metal

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