Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

By: Dunbar Services  23-Nov-2011
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Our extensive cleaning of kitchen exhausts ranges from small commercial to multi-story extraction systems. Canopies are hand chemically cleaned and flue ducting accessed (inspection plates fitted where necessary) and cleaned thoroughly. Fan units are dry cleaned to prevent electrical damage and fire risk.

In accordance with Insurance Company requirements and Australian Standard 1851-2005, we design a cleaning regime for air exhaust systems. This enables you to carry out your duties with the knowledge that regular pre-determined intervals of cleaning are being carried out by professionals on your system.

Completion certificates can be supplied for insurance and health authority reference along with log book sign in sheets to assist with monitoring service calls.

Reasons for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system remains one of the primary defences of fire hazards and health hazards in your kitchen.  Clean filters only stop 80% of grease and oil residue from penetrating the internal chamber, ducts and fan.  The residue coats the internal surface of the system building up over time.  The hot exhaust air from cooking heats this residue increasing its ability to ignite.  The three elements required for fire - oxygen, heat and fuel, are all present in the kitchen exhaust system.  Hence the importance of regular cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems as stipulated in the Australian Standards AS 1851-2005 (maintenance of fire protection systems).

Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Regular kitchen exhaust cleaning, performed by professionals, has the benefits of:  minimised product contamination, enhanced public image, passing kitchen audits, reduced fire risk, improved ventilation for smoke and odour control, removal of the food source for insects and rodents, compliance with insurance regulations, prevention of costly breakdown, extended equipment life, compliance with Australian Standards 1851-2005 and health regulations, increased energy savings and a clean environment for kitchen staff.

Keywords: Fan Units, Kitchen Exhaust,

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