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Foot surgery clinic /Specialist podiatrist from PERTH FOOT CENTRE Mina Azarian

By: PERTH FOOT CENTRE Mina Azarian  19-Apr-2015
Keywords: Back Pain, Sports Medicine, Heel Pain

Perth Foot Centre provides a comprehensive range of care for all foot and leg problems. The most commonly treated foot problems and treatment are listed below: - Bunios/ Hallux Valgus - bump on big toe joint, treatment and bunion surgery - Hammer toes/ Claw toes/ Crooked toes- toes that bend and are retracted - treatment and toe surgery - Neuroma/ Morton's Neuroma/ Metatarsalgia- pain under ball of the foot- treatment and neuroma surgery - Ingrown toenail- nail that sticks into flesh and causes pain or infection- treatment and permanent nail surgery - Arthritis in toe/ Hallux rigidus - stiff and fainful big toe joint- treatment and surgery for stiff toe - Flat feet/ Fallen foot arch/ pes planus- custom foot orthotic insoles - Heel pain/ plantar fasciitis/ heel spur- pain under the heel worst first thing in the morning- treatment and heel spur surgery please visit our website for more problems we treat. **Podiatric surgery Podiatric surgery is a highly specialised field of podiatric medicine with a focus on feet, similar to orthopaedic foot surgery. Podiatric surgeons spend the entirety of their medical and surgical training on the correction of foot deformities and the effects of systemic conditions on the lower limb. The extensive knowledge of lower limb function and foot deformities make them specialist foot surgeons. Podiatric surgery is sometimes referred to as cosmetic foot surgery because it involves the removal of unsightly foot deformities such as bunions and straightening hammer toes. But these deformities can cause more than embarrassment, often resulting in pain, loss of function and footwear problems. At Perth Foot Centre the focus is on you, not just the X-Rays. Dr Azarian’s expert knowledge of foot biomechanics enables her to create cosmetically pleasing results that are also functional. **Foot Orthotics Custom orthotics or custom shoe insoles are therapeutic devices that are prescribed by a Podiatrist or foot specialist. They sit in your shoes under your foot and work by realigning the foot to a position that reduces deformity and promotes normal function. Because custom orthotics are molded to your foot, after a while you will not notice you are wearing them. In fact many of our patients can not be without their orthotics for long once they experience the benefits.

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